One of our biggest advantages at Ingens is our focus on core departments like ECE, EEE, E&I and associated departments. While it is very easy for us to take up final year projects for just about any department, we have over the years only focused on these core departments. This has enabled to become the market leader for these departments on the technology front. We offer the maximum number of both IEEE Projects and also real time projects for the following courses.

Naturally all the other departments associated with these are also our specialties. In a nutshell all courses and departments that are associated with fields like electronics, electrical, communication, automation, instrumentation, control etc are our primary focus and we have the largest number of final year project options for these departments.

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We are constantly looking for new developments in these fields and trying to use these developments to leverage them for the implementation of innovative final year projects. One of our regular sources for new projects is IEEE papers and journals. The developments from these IEEE papers are used to implement new IEEE projects every academic year.

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Project Titles 2015-16

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Our Project ideas section contains description and additional details of selected projects that are popular among students.
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