Our experience and technology knowhow related to instrumentation projects and the EIE department is unsurpassed by any other company associated with student projects. Over the years we have handled thousands of BE EIE Projects, both hardware oriented as well as simulation projects based on Labview and similar software.

Instrumentation projects are particularly interesting because they are directly related to real time work and generally involve a very good combination of sensors / transducers, precision electronics and also controls. BE EIE Projects are thus very rewarding to implement because they are almost always a solution to a real world requirement.

There are virtually thousands of IEEE instrumentation projects in the various categories that fall under EIE. Final year projects for EIE can be in areas like Industrial instrumentation and control systems, biomedical projects, precision instrumentation and Virtual instrumentation projects etc. For students interested in analog electronics perhaps EIE is the best department because Instrumentation involved plenty of analog signals and circuits. Through a global network of suppliers today we have access to a host of low cost transducers and control devices that can be used in various IEEE projects for EIE and related departments.

Another major technology that student projects have started using over the last few years is virtual instrumentation. Virtual instrumentation using software like labview adds a very useful and cost effective way for developing monitoring and control interfaces that were earlier either prohibitively expensive or simple not possible. We at Ingens have worked on virtual instrumentation projects for almost a decade and hence are in a position to offer many student projects in the field.

Project Titles

Project Titles 2014-15

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Project Titles