IEEE projects (Projects based on IEEE papers) are fast becoming the de facto standard for student projects in general and final year projects in particular. The current academic year 2013-14 is no exception to this rule and hence IEEE projects 2013 is the popular term that students are looking for now. In keeping with the aspirations if the students, we at Ingens Tech, Chennai are offer the latest project based on IEEE papers for the current academic year.

The current academic year (2013-14) is another new benchmark for IEEE papers, with more and more papers being published every year. Naturally that means students have more IEEE 2013 papers to choose from. On our part for the convenience of the students we have meticulously filtered and shortlisted certain papers that in our opinion are ideal for students to take up as IEEE project base papers. The list of our selected projects can be downloaded from out project topics sections through the link at the bottom of this page.

On our projects list based on IEEE 2013 papers, student will find a very good mix of projects that are handpicked to cater to the different requirements of students. Also our project list contains titles that cover almost all technologies and fields related to core departments like ECE, EEE, EIE etc.

Project Titles

Project Titles 2014-15

To Download a copy of Project Titles list for the year academic year 2014-15, based on the latest IEEE papers click this button

Project Titles