IEEE Projects 2014

With student projects in general and IEEE projects in particular, every academic year comes with its own set of new technologies and opportunities that students can use. For students who are specifically looking for IEEE Projects 2014, things have only gotten better compared to all the previous years, because of more and more IEEE papers being published in 2014 than previous years.

In addition to the increase in IEEE papers there are a whole lot of other factors that are bound to make 2014 a exciting year for students taking up projects like final year projects. This article covers some of those factors that  will make IEEE projects 2014 an interesting prospect for students.

IEEE Papers in 2014

Being a regular user of IEEE resources, we at Ingens Tech keep following the trends every year in IEEE papers and we have noticed the number of IEEE papers being published go up almost exponentially every year. IEEE papers in 2014 are no exception to the rule and we have already seen a considerable increase in the publications this year compared to the previous years. Naturally, more IEEE papers in 2014 mean more ideas and opportunities for 2014 IEEE projects for students.

New Technologies in 2014

As with every year more and more technologies are becoming available to the students for project work. Certain technologies that were either not available to students earlier or were prohibitively expensive for students to work with are becoming available now and students can put them to use for IEEE projects 2014. Some of these are technologies like

  • Inertial Measurement Units
  • High Voltage Power Line based Automation
  • EEG (Brain Wave / Mind Wave)
  • EMG
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Multi Copters / Multi Rotors / Quad Copters)

…this is just a small sample of the new technologies that are available for students. There are many other exciting technologies that students can use at affordable costs, for the first time for IEEE Projects 2014.

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