Image Processing Projects at Ingens !

Over the years image processing projects have become a popular choice among students. We at Ingens Tech have been working with Image processing for many years now and hence are in a position to offer projects in image processing to students as well. In fact we find image processing projects especially interesting because they offer a totally different set of challenges compared to other domains.

DIP Projects are for All

A few years back image processing projects were taken up only by ME, M Tech students. These days even graduation students like BE, B Tech students take up final year projects in image processing. Image processing projects are applicable not only to core departments like ECE, EEE, EIE etc, but also to other departments.

Our combined experience with real time projects and image processing projects, enables us to offer DIP Projects that are also real time. Over the last few years we have implemented many such real time image processing projects, that are not just simulation projects, but also include hardware for real time application implementation.

DIP and MATLAB Projects

In terms of the software used, the projects are almost always MATLAB Projects. This is primarily because most students are already familiar with MATLAB and hence Image Processing projects in MATLAB are easier for students to work with. However if and when required we also use other software tools, depending on the project. Also because most colleges already have MATLAB, DIP projects in MATLAB becomes convenient for students.

Image Processing and IEEE Projects

In general most of our final year projects are based on IEEE papers. Similarly, our image processing projects are also based on latest IEEE papers. These IEEE Projects in Image processing are carefully selected by our experts to ensure that the projects are technically good and at the same time practically possible. When selecting such IEEE Projects in DIP, we either look for IEEE papers that have scope for further enhancement or modification, that the students can propose as their project.

Project Titles

Project Titles 2015-16

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Project Titles
Project Ideas

Popular Project Ideas

Our Project ideas section contains description and additional details of selected projects that are popular among students.
Project Ideas