M Tech Projects at Ingens Tech

We offer post graduation projects like M Tech Projects for students in the final year of their course. In fact as an organization we like working with PG students for many reasons. One of the major reason being the fact the PG students like M Tech and ME students have already undergone a final year project experience, while in their graduation study. This makes the whole process of project work easy and fast for everyone, including the students.

Domains and Departments

Project domains with M Tech projects are very many depending on the departments the students are associated with. We offer projects in all domains related to the core departments like ECE, EEE, EIE and associated departments. These departments are our specialty and we have more than 10 years of experience with all technology domains falling under these departments.

Every academic we hand pick some project suggestions for M Tech students of various departments and these suggested topics are on our projects lists. However, quite often PG students have their own project topics that they have selected by themselves, we encourage these project ideas brought by students too.

M Tech Projects and IEEE Papers

The project topics mentioned in our projects lists, that are targeted towards M Tech students are based on established sources like IEEE papers. These IEEE M Tech Projects are selected after careful evaluation of the possibility and the quality of the projects. We also encourage students to come up with their own selection of IEEE papers for their M Tech projects. In such cases where the students have their own projects we verify if the papers can be implemented and then go ahead with the projects.

With M Tech Projects, the students have the choice of either going in for complete simulation projects of for a combination of hardware and simulation projects. We handle both simulation, as well as hardware projects and hence can offer any project idea that the students select.

Project Titles

Project Titles 2015-16

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Project Titles
Project Ideas

Popular Project Ideas

Our Project ideas section contains description and additional details of selected projects that are popular among students.
Project Ideas