This article covers the important aspects of project abstracts – what is a project abstract, its importance, what it should contain and how to write an abstract. Also there is a sample abstract that can be downloaded and also an abstract template.

So if you are looking for any of these details continue reading…First things first …

What is a project abstract? Ans: Generally speaking an abstract is a summary or a synopsis of what the project is all about. A good abstract tries to answer the most basic questions about the project in a page or so. The questions that an abstract should answer are

  • Why the project is required? – Existing system (problem statement)
  • What is the project idea? – Proposed system (solution)
  • How can the project address the requirement? – Application(s)
  • Major technologies or tools used in the project? – Hardware and Software Used
  • Additionally a block diagram – Helps to explain the idea easily!

That’s it! If these questions are answered then the abstract for project is ready. But in our experience we have seen that this is easier said than done. In many cases students have rough idea about the answer to these questions but are generally not sure how to put it all together. We at Ingens believe that a good project abstract is the most important factor in a project work, especially a final year project, because a good project abstract makes everything clear about the project, to the student themselves as well to the guiding faculty.

For the same reasons colleges these days insist on properly composed and well written abstracts to ensure that the students are clear about the project. Over the years we have seen many excellent project ideas being misunderstood by the students and faculty because of unclear abstracts. Naturally these project ideas are rejected by colleges and the students have to look for other options. Hence to help students understand what a good project abstract must contain we have provided a sample of one such abstract for the students to download. Also provided is a free abstract format (template) that the students can use to write good project abstracts all by themselves when needed.

Download Abstract Format

Download Example Abstract
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