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When it comes to final year projects in general and IEEE papers based projects in particular, there are literally thousands of good project options in many project domains. Naturally it becomes difficult for the students to select what is best for them. This section is aimed at providing an insight into the major project domains that are available to students. This page covers domains for different departments like BE / B Tech – ECE, EEE, E&I and ME / M Tech associated with these departments. At Ingens we are adding new technologies and projects almost every week. Hence this page will be updated every once in a while, to offer a basic idea about the project possibilities in these project domains.

This page is about the broad project domains, for more specific information about certain technologies we recommend that you visit our Latest Tech page. Following are some of the domains that are available for students to choose a final year project from.

Popular Project Domains

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We understand that with so many project domains to choose from it can become difficult for students to choose from. Hence we recommend that students have a direct one-to-one interaction with us and we can help them choose better. Visit our contact us page for information on how you can reach us, and we will ensure that you make the best choice for your final year project.

To gain a better understanding of these domains, we also recommend that the students attend one of our training programs or even a workshop. These short term training programs and workshops are aimed at giving the students an idea about the possibilities with different technologies and domains. In any case the, we are here to help and all you have to do is get in touch with us and we will give you the best suggestion based on your requirements.

Project Titles

Project Titles 2015-16

To Download a copy of Project Titles list for the year academic year 2015-16, based on the latest IEEE papers click this button
Project Titles
Project Ideas

Popular Project Ideas

Our Project ideas section contains description and additional details of selected projects that are popular among students.
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