Why Embedded System Projects ?

Embedded System Projects are one of the most popular choices among final year students. There are many reasons for the same, the primary reason being that embedded system projects have applications in every aspect of human life. Hence the number of different projects on embedded systems is virtually infinite. Irrespective of whether it is a IEEE embedded project or a real time embedded project, also irrespective of the department whether it is a ECE project, a EEE project or a final year project for any other related department.

What are Embedded Systems?

The term embedded system is very common among the departments that are related in any way to microcontrollers, microprocessors etc. But it is also a term that most students are not very clear about. The reason for this being the fact that embedded systems is a very vast field and hence many people interpret embedded systems in different ways. But generally speaking an embedded system is – Any electronic system that has some form of a processor (microprocessor / microcontroller / DSP etc), running a program and it is used for any application other than general purpose computing. A more elaborate and detailed definition of embedded systems by Wikipedia is here. Obviously applications of embedded systems include anything and everything other than general purpose computing.

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Advantages of Embedded System Projects?

Embedded System Projects have many other advantages for students looking to do a final year project. Embedded projects, since they are based on microcontrollers, are almost always hardware projects. Projects in embedded systems are most application oriented projects and hence are easy to understand, demonstrate and explain. Embedded projects can also be of varying complexity depending on the students needs and hence of varying cost also.

The bottom line with final year embedded System Projects is that they are the default and first choice for most students, for the various reasons mentioned above. However for any reason the student wishes to look for other technology areas there are many other choices too. We at Ingens Tech offer many other project domains for the students to choose from.

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