Simulation Projects or Hardware Projects ?

Over the years simulation projects have emerged as a viable and widely accepted alternative to hardware projects in core departments like ECE, EEE, EIE etc. While real time projects involving hardware prototypes still remain the popular choice for final year BE and B Tech projects. Simulation projects are the popular choice for ME and M Tech students. However off late because of certain practical limitations of real time projects, many colleges have started encouraging these projects at the graduation level also. Simulation projects are also a popular choice because of many IEEE projects being originally simulation projects. At Ingens we recommend simulation projects for PG Students. For UG students, if for any reason hardware projects are not possible then Simulation projects are a second alternative.

Electrical Simulation Projects

Simulation projects for EEE are especially suitable because certain power electronics projects and also some projects on power systems cannot be implemented in real time as a final year project. IEEE simulation projects for EEE department are abundant and can be implemented using software like MATLAB and Simulink. Some students also prefer to do parts of the project in simulation, where real time implementation might not be possible, and part of the project as hardware, thus enabling the combination of both.

Simulation Projects for ECE

Simulation projects for ECE can be in many fields like image processing projects, real time video processing, network simulation , projects in security like encryption and decryption etc. Simulation projects for ECE are also based mostly on software like MATLAB and Labview. Projects in the ECE department can also be based on communication systems,  Antenna design, Modulation Techniques etc. However we recommend such projects only at a ME / M Tech level, because BE / B Tech students dont generally have sufficient background for such projects.

Simulation Projects for EIE

Simulation Projects for the EIE department are a very good choice, considering that many EIE projects will be industrial or automation projects. For such projects simulation can either be in the form of a  human control interface or as a process simulation. Such interfaces can be implemented using LabView or similar virtual instrumentation tools. Moreover virtual instrumentation tools enable the implementation of certain control systems that are otherwise not possible using conventional softwares or even embedded systems.

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