Types of VLSI Projects

With VLSI projects there are two different types of project possibilities namely projects in VLSI based system design and VLSI design itself. Most students do not understand the difference between the two, but there is a very significant difference between the two. Projects in VLSI design are projects that deal with the semiconductor design, these are most often than not only limited to simulation and are very difficult and expensive to implement as real time projects.

Projects in VLSI based system design are projects that involve the design of various types of digital systems that can be implemented on a PLD device like a FPGA or a CPLD. For example the design of a encoder, decoder or a ALU etc are digital system designs that can be implemented on a FPGA. Similar digital systems, however of a more complex nature can be implemented as a final year project in VLSI. These can be based on any of the popular HDL languages like VHDL or Verilog. Both VHDL projects and Verilog projects are good choices for projects.

Another recent trend in VLSI projects for BE, B Tech and even more suited for ME, M Tech projects are projects based on soft core processors like NIOS II or Xilinx Microblaze and similar soft core processors. We at Ingens highly recommend such projects, because they allow the implementation of complex digital systems with relative ease and hence make for excellent choices for final year projects.

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We at Ingens offer a wide array of projects in VLSI based on IEEE papers and also real time projects in VLSI are also possible. With IEEE VLSI projects we carefully hand pick IEEE papers that can be implemented within the cost and time constraints of a student project. Another popular misconception among students is with regard to the cost of real time implementation of VLSI projects. Students are under the impression that implementation of VLSI projects in FPGA or CPLD is expensive, however this is not true because hardware implementation of VLSI projects at student’s budget is possible and we offer many hardware projects in VLSI with real time implementations.

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