Good Project Ideas = Good Start !

As they say a job well begun is half completed. The same holds for final year projects as well and the starting point for any good project is the project ideas or project topic. Be it electronic or electrical project ideas or for that matter any general engineering project idea, the important thing is that the student chooses a project topic that they are comfortable with, of course in consultation with the college guide. Quite often students make hasty decisions and regret later. We at Ingens ensure that none of our students choose a project that is not ideal for them. We also recommend students read this article on Selecting a final year project. Following are some example projects that we have categorized based on the domains, for the students to get an idea of the possibilities.

Choose a Domain

                For choosing good project ideas there are a few basics that the students must bear in mind. First is the domain they are interested in. There are so many choices that students have these days. Starting from the primary domains like embedded systems based project, vlsi projects, DIP projects, electrical projects, robotic projects…so on and so forth. Project Domains can be chosen either based on the interest of the student or based on the recommendation of the college guide. The next thing students need to decide is either their area of interest (application wise) or technology wise.

Choose Application or Technologies

                If the student is interested in a project idea that caters to a specific application then the student has to figure out what technologies are needed for the project. On the other hand if the student started with a project based on a certain technology, then the student has to figure out which application uses the chosen technology adequately. We understand that this is easier said than done and that is where our counselors come in. Our counselors help in identifying the best project idea for engineering students based on the various preferences of the students.

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