This is one of those questions that almost every student has at the beginning of the project, but no one asks this question because students form their own interpretations of the same. So, what is an IEEE project? Is it a project offered by IEEE, a project approved by IEEE, a project based on IEEE publications… this article answers this question and more.

                An IEEE project is actually a project based on an IEEE paper. Over a period of time the term “IEEE paper based project” became “IEEE Project” for obvious reasons of easy usage. However strictly speaking using the term “IEEE Project” for students projects is wrong, because the term means projects that are offered by IEEE as an organization, which are not general students projects.

                So after we establish that an IEEE project is a project based on IEEE papers, the next logical question are –

  • What is the significance of IEEE for projects?
  • Why colleges love IEEE projects?
  • How does a student go about choosing a IEEE project?

the following section contains answers to these questions…

Significance of a IEEE for Projects: As of today IEEE is the biggest technical organization in the world. IEEE is the hub for most of the research and development that is happening in areas related to departments like ECE, EEE, EIE etc. Naturally all the new technical developments and the applications related to these fields are published as IEEE papers regularly. Hence IEEE is a common resource where all the latest developments are documented as IEEE papers. Naturally, students turn to IEEE to check what is happening in the technology world and what they should be aspiring to do.

Why most colleges love IEEE projects: Over the last 5 years or so colleges have started recommending  IEEE based projects. There are many reasons for this, like – it is widely accepted that most IEEE papers are technically sound and hence projects based on IEEE papers are also likely to be technically good (Read our blog post on are IEEE papers always accurate?). Also there are so many IEEE papers that students can easily find projects in almost every technology domain easily. Additionally colleges insist that students choose the latest IEEE papers, which ensure that the student don’t end up repeating projects that are already done in the previous years.

The final question on Choosing a IEEE project and paper is answered in a separate article here.

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