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Inaluz smart lighting products and solutions are built from the ground up to be smart, by a team with more than 15 years of IoT products design and development. Leveraging the latest and most appropriate communication technologies like BLE Mesh, NB-IoT, LTE Cat M1 and LoRaWAN for different use cases, Inaluz products are built for ease in – deployment, use and management.


Smart Lighting = Smart Communication

The key to a reliable smart lighting system is the right wireless communication technology.

Touch-less Deployment

touch less deployment

Just power up the devices and have total control from web and mobile applications. Our products are designed to scale-up to any size and complexity of deployments because they don’t require any on the field configurations.

Full Proof Security

IoT security

We take security very seriously and all our products and solutions have security built into them from the ground up, following the best IoT security practices and standards. From the physical device to applications.

Intuitive Applications

web applications

Web and mobile applications that are easy to understand and use, without compromising on any functionality or feature. From city wide street light deployments to home lighting, we believe in keeping it simple for our target users.

Detailed Reporting

detailed reports

Smart lighting is not smart enough if it does not help you save power, our application analytics and reporting help you see detailed information on power consumed and saved. The aim is to help further efficiencies.

Most comprehensive street lighting solution!

Our smart street lighting solution is the most comprehensive street lighting solution.

Street Light Features

Smart street lighting & commercial lighting solution

Features packed by experts

After through market research and inputs from lighting industry veterans, we have made our street lighting and commercial lighting products as comprehensive as technology allowed. Even our most demanding customers find our feature set above par.

All The Features In One Smart Node

All the above features and more in one plug and play NEMA connector enclosure for outdoor and brick enclosures for indoor applications.

Street Lighting Node

Comprehensive Web Application

Total control from a single intuitive cloud application, developed to scale

Web application

Deployment control, provisioning, device management, operations, reporting and maintenance all in a single convenient platform independent cloud application.

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